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Aztec Ruins National Monument Reviews and Information
Around 1100 A.D. ancestral Pueblo people embarked on an ambitious building project along the Animas River in northwestern New Mexico. In less than three decades they built a monumental "great house." Aztec West stands three-stories high, stretches longer than a football field and once had as many as 500-rooms including a ceremonial ?great kiva? over 40-feet in diameter.A short trail winds through room blocks of this massive site offering visitors a uniquely intimate experience. Along the way discover original roofs intact, ponder intriguing ?T? shaped and north-facing corner doors, see a reed mat left by early inhabitants and more. The trail culminates by descending into the reconstructed great kiva, a building that inherently inspires contemplation, wonder, and an ancient sense of sacredness.
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Visitor Services #84 County Road Aztec, NM
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